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    15 days Trial Pack

    When you sign up for a trial pack, you will have access to all features of ePath3D for 15 days.

    What happens to my projects if I upgrade?

    If you upgrade after your current subscription ends, and all your projects will remain there at the newly upgraded paid user account.

    What if I want to upgrade my paid subscription?

    You can change your package (upgrade) at any time from the User Profile section of your account.

    How long is my contract?

    You can choose the length of your subscription during or at the end of your 15 days trial pack or when you upgrade to a paid account. You can choose between Three months, Six months, One year or Three years subscription types.


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    Accepted methods of payment

    We accept all types of credit and debit cards for online payment. If you wish to sign up for a longer period of time (more than 36 months) we can invoice you on receipt of a purchase order, however please contact us in advance to arrange.

    Do you provide invoices/receipts?

    In your User Profile there is a button to download your invoice for tax and expense reasons.

    How do I get everything out of my account?

    If you want a copy of your project files, we provide a backup tool in User Profile section where you can download all your files whenever you want.

    What if I want a feature which isn’t listed?

    We listen to our users, so if there is something you want included in ePath3D, please contact us or use our feedback system and we will try to get the suggested feature implemented, as application updates.